Dude, what HAPPENED.

Okay, what happened recently???

We went from starving "oh, there's no games to play, oh, now's a perfect time for playing through all our games because nothing's happening right now" to "THERE'S TOO MUCH GOING ON AT ONCE."

I had finally integrated emudeck to Steam, was ready to rock and roll, and of course... Destiny 2 Final Shape had the whole group on the grind, then we found out WoW Ascension has a mode called "Manastorm" which is just an endless dungeon run so we were DROOLING over it (I still haven't even had a chance to try it out), now ELDEN RING DLC DROPPED, THE LATEST OVERWATCH SEASON BATTLE PASS LOOKS SO SWEET, some of the lads started playing RAINBOW SIX AGAIN HAHA... So much happening, it's great. There's too much on the plate.

Summer 2024 has been cooking, and I am SO glad. My one issue is that work has me up to the eyeballs in things to do, and I get home so late, half the time I don't even have the energy to hop on. I'm working on a schedule, as well as strategies for managing my time to be most productive for myself. You wouldn't believe the amount of writing in my notes tab, just not enough that I'd want to put on to the blog. I'm going through them again, and I'll be posting more about any actual games. I'm also working on adding lots of cool links/sites to the links page of the blog this weekend as well!

Thanks for reading!