Who is Sh0?

Welcome to Yap Central, my name is Sh0.

A man who has spent his entire life dreaming, but never creating. The thinker, never the doer. This blog is a small glimpse into my life and journey to change things, to stop the rot and build.

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Sh0, what next?

From the moment I discovered YouTube as a little homunculus, I fell in love with the platform and fantasized each and every day about becoming a silly little YouTube gaming content creator. That very passion for creating has carried far into my young adulthood, evolving from just wanting to make let's plays about Happy Wheels and Minecraft, to the long and drawn out multi-hour video essays about each and every niche I've hyper-fixated on at the time. None of these dreams ever came true, sad and half-assed attempts at Streaming and clips on my YouTube channel are all that I have to show for this. No more.

From the video essays, to Streaming on Twitch, all the way to blog posts about God knows what, I plan to do it all. All it takes is one big step of "just do it bro wtf." I implore all of my readers who understand this stuck feeling to do the same.

Today's state of media, the internet, and just general content as a whole has become almost completely rotten. I find nothing but shills, copycats, and repeated bits over and over. There is a complete lack of originality and creativity. The very magic that gave content it's unique and distinct flavour has almost died out, and I believe in making a big change. I want to help be that change and keep people from falling into the voids of rot that most of us have found so much unhealthy comfort in and become numb to. No time like now, right?

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present." - Master Oogway

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