Head full, many thoughts.

FINALLY. I've done it... I got off my ass, and finally have myself an outlet for the special brand of rot that I've cooked up in ye olde cranium. There is going to be an ocean of crap... Currently I'm visualizing it as some pyschic tsunami. The receding tides in my head will combine and grow into one enormous tidal wave and come crashing down on this poor site, and once the rush of mental kipple is down in writing and things have begun to steady, my goal is to write as often as my poor little peanut thinker allows me to. We'll see, but currently I'm aiming for at least once a night. If even at the very least just a little "tee hee goodnight my little dumplings."

Lately I've spent a great deal thinking about what to do with myself... At least as far as pursuing passions go. I've been thinking about what sorts of ways I can contribute to this world while still doing what I love to do, and which ways can be bundled up and crammed into the already overflowing daily schedule that I have.

I want to begin some form of visual content creation, be it through streaming or youtube. There could be fun in doing both, but starting with one or the other might be the best play for now. Not to say it's impossible to do both at once, I just feel that I could get overwhelmed easily through trying to juggle the two that I'll just end up hating it and quitting forever. Definitely not my goal.

As far as what sorts of content I want to make, of course it'll mostly be gaming nonsense, it won't just be the typical "why I liked X title" or "my thoughts after playing Y game". I think I'm going to start messing around with some different editing styles/methods and see what I can cook up to be both entertaining to watch and fun to make. Streaming could be more casual and perhaps more interesting for the time being, as I have a backlog that's so long and outrageous, it eats away at my soul by just thinking about it. Streaming the backlog, as well as some other socially meta games that I could possibly stream with friends is sort of what I'm going for. Ideally it's going to be a blend of old school vanossgaming crew shenanigans, as well as some solo backlog fun as I go through all goodies I've been meaning to play.

Thankfully the first goal/step towards starting to create content and be more comfortable with sharing the things I want to share online has been completed through this, my little yapfest of a blog. With the sh0zone's yap central now online and ready to roll, I can start building the foundations of a real online presence. I'm very excited, to say the absolute least. I've never run a blog before, trying to decide if I've written too much or too little... Rereading this in a draft mode, I'm a little undecided about the entire green on black colour scheme I've got going for the site. Sure, I think it is pretty badass matrix-ey colours, but reading the posts might be a strain on the eyes for some readers. We shall see, something to be decided as I go on.

Now, the tides recede. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this!